Visual Media Studio

World-class quality photography & videography—in our studios or on location.

High quality photography and videography for all of your print, mobile engagement, 3-D, augmented reality, and near-field communications (NFC) projects.

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Photography  • Videography • Retouching • Image Composition • Augmented Reality & NFC

CGP Studios. The Power of 3.


We get the picture. CGP’s VISUAL MEDIA STUDIO is managed by some of the top photo and video talent in the world and equipped with the best tools and technology that money can buy. At our main studio we have everything it takes to shoot whatever you need. Fashion models, kids playing with toys, celebrity promotions, jewelry, plumbing fixtures, clothing, housewares, furniture, and delectable food shots…we’ve done them all. We even have a fifty cubic-foot industrial refrigerator for the photo-shoots we regularly do for our food and restaurant clients. Plus, we’ll go on-location for you, wherever it might be. Once or twice we’ve even done a shot down by the riverside just outside our studio window at our main location in Nyack. And with the growing applications, especially for web and mobile media, that use interactive 3-D, augmented reality and near-field communications (NFC) programming, our Visual Media team can help you achieve even greater impact and reach in your marketing, promotional, and merchandising media projects and strategies. 

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