Production Studio

What’s the value of a great image and design without expert production knowledge and skills?

Excellence in design needs to be partnered with the same high level of technical production knowledge and management. Whether it’s a digital, mobile interactive, print or cross media project, good design must follow the principles of sound engineering and construction.

print, web, mobile & graphic media production

Premedia Planning & Flight-Testing  • Offset & Digital Printing • Wide Format Graphics • Cross Media Asset Management • Web & Mobile Media Programming



CGP Studios. The Power of 3.


The devil is in the details. CGP’s PRODUCTION STUDIO manages the details for your media, branding and graphic communications projects every step of the way, with our project production managers overseeing and coordinating everything from the initial planning stage to color management and right through to the final production and quality control process to delivery, ensuring that you get what you want, on schedule and within budget.


The Power of Print

We love cross media and think that the ability to harness digital interactive and social media is amazing and essential. But where would we be without the wonderful media of print?

At CGP Studios we celebrate the power and the glory of printing—as in ink-on-paper printing—and we take quality printing to a whole new level.

Thanks to the latest in pre-media, color management, and both digital and offset print technology, CGP offers a full service customer experience for all your marketing / branding materials throughout the year. And with the constantly evolving advances in substrates, inks, and imaging processes, CGP’s Production experts can recommend a cost-effective printing solution that can be at any size, in any environment (outdoors or inside), and on virtually any material or substrate.

From short run digital and specialty products to large volume commercial offset, our project management solutions allow us to streamline your workflow seamlessly. Traveling from desktop through our multilevel print environments, to inline finishing options and mailing & fulfillment, CGP provides our valued customers the very best products and services to meet their needs.

Strict QC procedures in place at each stage of production ensure that every job is produced in accordance with the highest standard in color fidelity, consistency, and quality on all paper stocks and substrates.

Please review our wide selection of products and let us know how we can help your company, organization, or brand.

Interested in taking advantage of CGP’s unique Studio 3 approach? Contact our Visual Media & Design Studio to discuss developing the most effective concept, creative, and production plan for your next project.


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Print, web or mobile media production...we've got your back!

Meet Jill. She’s in charge of operations for CGP Studios and, arms aside (–really, we’re just funnin’ here…that’s a client’s non-working firearm replica she’s holding from a recent photo shoot!), she’s a very peace-loving person. But she’s fierce in her heart when it comes to protecting your best interests, your company image, your valuable time, and your dime.

Adam's a fun-loving guy. But he's fierce when it comes to putting passion into creative-production projects and making sure everything gets done right on time.

Adam’s a fun-loving guy. But he’s fierce when it comes to putting passion into creative-production projects and making sure everything gets done right on time.