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STOP! Please note that this is a test form-page and this contest is not yet officially started or enabled. Any questions you answer or submissions you make at this time will not enter your results in our contest. The contest will begin and this online quiz form will be activated very soon, though, at which time we look forward to your participation and possibly being the winner. Thank you.

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Play our fun 20 Questions quiz game and you can win $500 in discount-credit dollars towards future purchases of services at any of our CGP Studios. (Certain limitations may apply; please read the contest rules before entering.)

You can enter the current contest and play only if you are a registered member here on our CGP Studios website. If you registered previously with CGP Studios, please log in now with your username and password.

You can enter the current contest by filling out your info in the form above, click the “Next” button, completing the following quiz and submitting it today.

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  1. Logging in here with your CGP Studios Username and Password, or…
  2. Completing the easy Registration Form to choose your Username and Password. You’ll be automatically registered. Just make sure to complete the form fields marked by an asterisk (*), when you do. Then, just type your new Username and Password on the Login form below and click the “Start quiz” button.
  3. Answer the 20 Questions Quiz to enter.


CONTEST RULES: Only persons older than 18 years of age and full-time employees of a company or organization that purchases graphic communications, design, photography, print production, advertising, and media management services are eligible to enter and […]

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