CARIBBEAN FOODS—Product brand development, design & packaging for new frozen foods line

Sabrina's Delights—New Packaging Concept & DesignClient: Caribbean Foods (Sabrina’s Delights)

Industry: FOOD

Deliverables: New Product Brand Development, Logo, and Package Design

The Challenge: Create a fresh brand/image for a new line of frozen food snack products in order to sell the product line to the largest leading national retail store chain.

The Solution: CGP managed and executed the entire concept development and creative design project, including two on-site photo shoots of food dishes at Caribbean Food Delights’ kitchens and creating a fresh new brand and package design for CF’s new products. CF now has a new product line of 11 premium frozen food products being carried by WalMart.

View samples from the Caribbean Food Delights project in our portfolio.



WATERMARK—High concept branding and corporate I.D.

WATERMARK Wall Display & Corporate Identity Book ImageClient:  Watermark


Deliverables: Coffee table book and printed corporate identity book with high concept graphic design.

The Challenge: Plan and design a high quality, spiral bound corporate image piece for Watermark, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind and delivering the highest possible bang-for-the-buck.

The Solution: Using artwork evoking an architectural/engineering drafting concept and a minimalist design motif, CGP’s Design Studio developed a visual corporate i.d. that elevated Watermark’s image, successfully achieving the higher end look and feel they were aiming for.

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JUNIOR'S RESTAURANT—Promo & advertising campaign for Junior's Cheesecakes' NYC restaurant opening

Junior's Billboard for New NYC RestaurantClient: Junior’s (as in Famous NY Cheesecakes) Restaurants


1) Promotional package for new CostCo gift card program, including mailers, envelopes, gift cards, and holders; and…
2) Billboard design for a new NYC billboard ad promoting Junior’s new restaurant & store at Times Square.

The Challenge: Deploy a creative team to design, do both on-site and studio photo shoots for Junior’s world-famous line of cheesecakes and other food products, and then create & print promo materials (mailers, envelopes, gift cards, and holders), as well as design a powerful billboard ad promoting Junior’s Times Square restaurant/store.

The Solution: The project utilized all 3 CGP Studios and our management team—including our creative director, photo studio manager, and operations manager—conceived and planned both projects. Approximately 150 mouth-watering Junior’s cheesecakes were photographed at CGP’s Visual Media Studio (where we have a 50 cubic-foot industrial restaurant refrigerator for photographing food); plus, a second photo-shoot was done on-location at Junior’s Times Square restaurant for the pastrami sandwich with steak and fries pictured in the billboard ad. In addition to concept development, layout/design, and photography for both projects, CGP did production for all of the materials in this promotional project, including printing, finishing, packaging, fulfillment and delivery.

View portfolio samples for Junior’s.



RAYNOR-EUROTECH saves time & money on quality photography, design, printing & cross-media production

Raynor-Eurotech Print, Mobile, Cross-Media Marketing & PromoClient: Raynor-Eurotech


Deliverables: New Product Brand Development, Logo, Package Design, Web & Mobile Interactive Promo

The Challenge: A leading supplier of commercial office furniture, Raynor had been doing the majority of the graphic design and production for their catalogs, trade show, print and mobile media in-house. As their business grew, the challenge of creating innovative designs and, importantly, meeting deadlines and managing budgets was becoming an increasingly losing battle. What earlier began as an in-house initiative to save time and money was turning into the opposite and becoming not only a more costly and cumbersome process but also a distraction from what they do best—marketing and selling their office furniture products. Management decided to take a different approach by seeking an outside creative team that could operate as though it were their own in-house art department and photo studio. They chose CGP.

The Solution: B2B and contract catalogs, various printed promo pieces, trade magazine advertising, mobile media application design, trade show material design and creation, photography and retouching for the big box stores, and web design services. CGP’s Production Studio print specialists also made and helped implement recommendations on paper stock and ink selection/usage to upgrade the production process for printed catalogs, brochures, and promotional materials.

View samples of CGP Studios’ work for Raynor-Eurotech in the Portfolio section of our website.